Children love coming to school as each day has planned physical/mental activities that lead to the overall development of our students. Each activity is carefully planned and presentations are regularly held in our cosy auditorium room, much to the delight of our student’s parents and grandparents. We have mini-recitals all the year round and the parents are awed at the daily development of their child’s poise and self- confidence. 


1. Spoken French
2. Quranic Qaida reading 
3. Dance & Aerobics
4. Music and Movement
5. Singing
6. Assembly Presentations
7. Class trips
8. Fun & Learn room 
9. Pure Montessori activities
10. Karate
11. Physical Exercise and sports
12. Art and Craft
13. Life Skills and safety lessons
14. Computers
15. Class birthday parties
16. Annual Parties and Recitals
17. Outdoor free play and Nature Walk